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We are rebranding into Agvesto

Agrisolum is rebranding into Agvesto – A new name and the same direction!

As you may have noticed we are now called AGVESTO instead of AGRISOLUM. as known in the market. It has taken us a lot of thought and discussions in order to develop a unified brand and product so we can bring best in class technology for Ag. In doing so, we  aim add value to the sector.

Why Agrisolum then and Agvesto now?

When we started the journey we were very focused on health of resources (soil and water). Hence we included the “solum”. Whilst the importance of soil cannot be understated for food productivity, we felt the product we have today aims at enabling more ‘investment in agriculture’ through various financial products, i.e. credit, insurance, trade and investment. One aspect which unites all our products within farmgate and outside is risk. This morphs into enterprise risk within the farmgate and portfolio risk outside of it.  Every player (farmer, agribusiness, creditors, insurers, real asset investors) are all closely connected via risk, as well as the PnL they realise every season. When you manage risk better, you make enterprises and assets both more profitable and sustainable.

After releasing ‘Agvesto’, our minimum viable product (MVP) to the market, we have seen that providing real time risk insights has become the focal point of our value preposition to the market. Hence we have decided to rebrand ourselves as Agvesto as we move towards ‘Sales ready product’.

What difference should I expect?

Our site will continue to be but our email addresses will now end, rather than

What remains the same?

Our values, ethos, focus, passion to innovate, commitment to smallholders and farmers worldwide, as well as our promise to our clients remain the same.



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